About Meqyas

What is Meqyas Test?

Meqyas test measures student proficiency in Arabic language with the contribution of cognitive abilities with a focus on assessing auditory/visual attention, processing speed, and fluid intelligence and listening comprehension.  Meqyas is an objective test measures a language user’s comprehension and production against a recognised rating scale beyond the educational curriculum and through the learners’ various educational stages.

“Meqyas” test is designed , developed and revised by a group of educators specialized in teaching Arabic  for Arabic and non-Arabic speakers, also,  psychologist and psychoanalysts from more than five different countries. All this careful work was completed according to the most recent standards and studies certified by the best international universities.


Is a standardized digital Arabic language test. It is designed to particularly measure the learners' attainment and progress in Arabic language in line with the international standards and requirements of the Common European Framework of Languages (CEFR) and (ACTFL) Standards of the American Council for the Learning of Foreign Languages), as well as the UAE standards.

What do we offer?

What do We Offer?

  • Supporting school leaders as well as teachers in measuring their students’ level of attainment and progress as measured against national standards. This is a way to identify the areas that may require improvement or adjustments during their learning journey.
  • Supporting the decision makers in developing a better understanding, supported by accurate data on how their student’s achievements is consistent with their expected levels of performance.
  • Supporting the schools in identifying self-assessment areas and planning for their improvement.
  • Ensuring the collection of accurate data about the students’ knowledge and skills in the academic subjects and throughout their educational phases aligned with the national and international standards.

“Meqyas” test covers the following mandatory assessment components:

Measuring the cognitive and perceptual abilities

  • We guarantee the efficacy of “Meqyas” test for application as it is appropriate for all students and diverse curricula.
  • “Meqyas” test covers the four aspects of reasoning: the verbal , nonverbal ,quantitative and spatial reasoning abilities.
  • The test is completely objective and not related to any prior knowledge from any other or previous educational curriculum.
  • The test provides specified expectations and prediction of the students’ levels of achievement.
  • We provide a detailed and clear definition of the improvement path that includes the student /teacher /school year /school students.
  • Our data analysis and students’ results are comparable with internal assessments of the curriculum.

Measuring Academic Attainment and Progress Skills:

  • “Meqyas” tests grantees to present students’ data and results and to compare them to internal assessments.
  • Providing individual reports for each student.
  • Assessing the language proficiency and reading skills.
  • “Meqyas” tests measures the overall students’ skills and abilities to apply their knowledge and skills in real-life tasks.
  • Identifying the gaps for each student/ teacher/ group/ school year on a school level.
  • Aligning assessment results and comparing them with the results of cognitive and perceptual abilities tests.
  • The test is aligned with the IB curriculum requirements by measuring progress and academic achievement based on the BYB primary education program, and the MYP middle school program.

Reading skills

  • “Meqyas” test is applicable to all students across all educational curricula.
  • The reading assessments take into account the age of the student, the different areas of assessment of the reading skills; such as phonemic awareness, word /semantic, letter sounds, receptive reading, fluency, vocabulary, explanatory and comparative analytics of paragraphs, the application of text comprehension and criticism, and the assimilation of various literary genres, including poetry.
  • The test guarantees to sustain a consistent focus on reading skills.
  • “Meqyas” test is an effective tool that helps monitoring growth throughout the school year, as a result of interventions and support on key aspects of student’s reading skills performance.


Data analysis process is effective, real, and credible. Meqyas test provides performance based reports measured against diverse standards as well as cognitive and language skills. The test also delivers a clear distribution of the focus answers in each one of the skills by presenting this data in a simplified and clear manner. We also provide the schools with a comprehensive data analysis results including reports for all classes, that is according to the following factors:

    • International and national standards.
    • Intellectual and cognitive skills.
    • Grade / school year.
    • Individual reports
    • School-wide overall performance data.
    • Recommendations for the development of progress and achievement of our students
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