Our Academic Committee:

Introducing Our Academic Committee Leading the Meqyas Project

Our esteemed Academic Committee has been at the forefront of the Meqyas project since its inception in 2019. Comprising the outstanding individuals introduced below, this dynamic team has been instrumental in shaping the project into a pioneering digital Arabic language assessment tool that sets new global standards.


Dr. Imad Bassam Ghannoum

Ph.D. in Arabic Language and Literature (specializing in Applied Linguistics) Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon

Dr. Imad Bassam Ghannoum, a distinguished Lebanese scholar in Arabic language and literature with a specialization in applied linguistics, holds a doctorate. His illustrious career includes significant contributions to the Lebanese University and the University of Tripoli, with international recognition through participation in prestigious conferences and publications in esteemed journals. As a respected professor, Dr. Ghannoum also plays a crucial role in reviewing academic papers worldwide, emphasizing his commitment to advancing scholarly discourse in Arabic linguistics and literature. Furthermore, his impact extends to the review of academic research papers and educational surveys for institutions both locally and internationally, including esteemed entities like Kuwait University and the “Sardiyat” magazine affiliated with the Katara Prize in Doha, Qatar. Dr. Ghannoum’s standing in the academic community is further underscored by his membership in multiple scientific committees for peer-reviewed academic journals, and he is actively involved in innovative projects aimed at enhancing the teaching and assessment of the Arabic language.


Dr. Mohammad Noor Mahmoud Al-Najjar

Ph.D. in Curriculum and Methodology specializing in teaching Arabic Language, Tripoli University, Lebanon

Dr. Mohammad Noor Mahmoud Al-Najjar, holding a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Teaching Methods from Lebanon, has conducted groundbreaking research on an integrated learning program aimed at enhancing the linguistic skills of Arabic language learners. With additional master’s degrees in Arabic Language and Literature and Curriculum and Teaching Methods, along with a Diploma in the same field, Dr. Al-Najjar has demonstrated a commitment to academic excellence. His significant contributions include evaluating numerous master’s and doctoral research tools in Arabic language and educational sciences. Dr. Al-Najjar’s expertise extends to roles as a university lecturer, specializing in teaching Arabic to speakers of other languages at both Tripoli University and Al-Jinan University Institute.
With their collective knowledge, experience, and dedication, our Academic Committee is driving the Meqyas project to success. Their collaborative work with a dedicated team since 2019 underscores their commitment to advancing Arabic language proficiency, setting new global standards, and reshaping the future of language assessment.


Dr. Roud Mohammad Khbeiz

Ph.D. in Arabic Literature, Damascus University & Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities at Hama University

Dr. Roud Mohammad Khbeiz, a highly regarded scholar with a Ph.D. in Arabic Literature, has been an integral part of academia since 2002. Currently serving as the Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities at Hama University, she also holds a faculty position at the Arab Private University for Science and Technology. Dr. Roud is known for her prolific publication record and dynamic roles, including authorship and deanship. Her academic influence extends to teaching courses such as Poetry Music and Research Methodology. Notably, she actively engages in international assessments, particularly in reading, such as PISA and PIRLS, demonstrating her commitment to advancing global educational standards. Dr. Roud’s impact transcends national borders, evident in her active participation in numerous international conferences.


Dr. Asmaa Adnan Al-Hasan

Ph.D. in Educational and Psychological Measurement and Assessment, Damascus University

Dr. Asmaa Adnan Al-Hasan, a distinguished faculty member at the College of Education, stands out as a leading expert in Educational Measurement. Holding a Ph.D. from Damascus University, she has demonstrated excellence in both national and international academic arenas. Dr. Asmaa’s significant contributions to the field are evident through her prolific publication of research papers in esteemed local, Arab, and international scientific journals. Her impact extends beyond publications, with active participation in over 50 symposiums and conferences, showcasing a deep commitment to advancing global educational assessment practices. Dr. Al-Hasan’s dedication and noteworthy contributions position her as a standout figure in both Arab and international academic circles. This remarkable profile underscores her expertise and the value she brings to the field of Educational Measurement.

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